High Myopia

The effects of looking too closely or of not seeing well at all....figuratively, of course.

❝What I love about the shot of John and me is that it shows the great working relationship we had. It was a joy to work with John, particularly when we were writing and organising, as we were in this picture.  I can’t recall exactly what we were doing. Maybe a lyric, maybe a running order, maybe the medley on Abbey Road. At some point we had to organise what song would go where. I just love the joy of that picture, it’s beautifully composed. There were also the difficulties of the period, which show up in the film Let It Be, which I think have overshadowed the truth. It was a very heavy period. But this picture shows it wasn’t all like that. There was some light. And that’s how I remember our working relationship. Even though there were some tough moments, this was a great friendship.❞ — Paul McCartney

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